Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Treasure hunt sorted

Spent last night doing the treasure hunt. Some nice jewellery to find. 5 clues. First clue is available in the shop. Get a clue to the next treasure when you find the first. They are small jewellery boxes to find. Some are very well hidden! Pictures I took! So the next few blog entries will be pictures of the hiding places.
Here is the blurb in the notecard:
The Golden Cage is a treasure hunt, with five boxes hidden throughout the Miriel sim. Each box contains a free piece of copyable jewelry (which also can be purchased at the store, if you're so inclined), as well as a clue for the next box. The first clue is at the bottom of this notecard.

If you're having trouble with lag, try turning down your draw distance and object detail (go to Preferences > Graphics). Turning off water reflections and shaders will also help.

Oh, and one last thing: the hunt is ongoing. There's no time limit, and I currently have no plans to take it down.

Good luck!

Miriel Enfield

Though the public is free to explore this island, this was not always the case. For centuries, the land was entirely private, held by a series of owners for their personal use. In fact, it has changed hands multiple times, collecting a colorful history in the process. There is the allegedly cursed archaeological dig of Robert Neston, the notorious parties of Rebecca Fairfield, and, perhaps most notably, the disappearance of Charlotte West.

West's time on the island was shrouded in rumor and secrecy. Officially, her husband John West bought the island as a place for her to convalesce while he worked on the mainland. Even before she arrived, though, there were stories: she was mad, or John wished to be rid of her, or both. The nurses and servants who cared for her on the island rarely left and were not permitted to discuss the situation, fueling further speculation.

Three months after West arrived, she vanished. One night, while John was visiting, she rushed out of her cottage and he followed. When the servants caught up with him, he was alone at the cliff's edge. He claimed that Charlotte had run there, yelling at someone to "open it," but by the time he broke through the trees, she was gone. Many whispered that he had pushed her, driven by frustration with her illness and desire for her highly valuable heirloom jewels. However, no trace of a body was ever found, and the official ruling was that she had accidentally fallen to her death.

John West sold the island shortly after the investigation ended, and the case faded from the public mind. Soon after he died, however, the island's then owner discovered journal page in Charlotte's handwriting, dated from the week before her disappearance. It rekindled the rumors about her fate, and continues to generate interest to this day.

July 13

--has sworn that he will not allow my treasures
to fall into John's hands, no matter how many
years pass. I am glad for this; my tormentor deserves
nothing. Let him suffer, let him grow poor, let
him spend his years searching and going mad,
mad, mad...

Look first beneath the sky, and the sky, and the
sky, near the top of the southeastern tower.

- Text of the journal entry


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