Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hosoi kicks us out so we come home.

The day started at 00:00 with me kicking off a 48 hour fishing contest. Not as many participants as the first event back in February. Okaasan dropped in to see the fishing before bed. Got ready for the sakura show. Event moved from Hosoi, all masumi san's objects were returned from Hosoi and we are told they wanted the stage! Show now moved to our kabuki theatre. 11 performers from 3 okiya. Lag was not too bad. Sim was full! Only 40 avatars allowed on the server. Several dancers crashed during the show but got back. Was asked to do a text performance as Jael chan pulled out. Fortunately masumi san sent her text. But it was riddled with errors. Took quite a while to fix it. Then the server would not save the notecard, grrrrrrrrrrrr. Used the local chat fadeout to cue the next line. Went very smoothly. New dancing system. Have to click masumi san's head to get an invite. Worked very well. Kihara Miyako chan sent 3 images during the performance, very kind. Sensei meeting tonight. Larry Yumako san is winning the fishing at half time...

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