Sunday, 10 May 2009

Lag kills Romeo and Juliet

I was in the front row for the opening night of Romeo and Juliet at the Second Life Opera House. Was in the plaza rather than the main hall. Lag just killed the show that never got going... I left after an hour of folks pleading to remove prims and get the lag down. I took off everything except skirt and shirt and got avatar rendering cost down to just 1. Yet there were still folks with over 2000 points of rendering cost!!! Only 53 people in the sim and it ground to a halt. I took a few photos behind the curtain of the dancers warming up. Dancers kept crashing. Such a shame as the costumes were very nice. I know we had problems of lag when performing there (took me 38 minutes to get a dance invitation!) Got a German lady at tea house opening time and told the 81 brothers story. One lady wanting to joining the okiya so had a chat and she'll send a note to okaasan.

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