Saturday, 9 May 2009

More story sorting

Worked with Dante chan on story telling. Dante chan is using copy/paste and not the Narrator so a bit more difficult. Started looking at the vampire cat story but it's too long for a performance. More like a 40 minute story! So we settled on Lord bag of rice story. I already have that story done for the Narrator so we'll see how Dante chan gets on. 5 girls and Jin kun congregated outside the tea house so I opened with the daily haiku. NO TAKERS AGAIN. This is getting a bit depressing. Over 500 patrons and very few show up for tea or performances. Today I'm running a 30 minute fishing contest at 3 p.m. for a festival weekend. Hope there's a few more punters today! Had a chat with HP chan who is performing at 11 a.m. An all minarai show I think so I'll go and support. I'll have a chat with okaasan about running a class on story telling (how to edit stories from the Internet for a performance).

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