Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New shop

There's a new shop on the sim. Gone is the terrific skins of DrLife. Gee hair etc. is now available in Little Yoshiwara... Tea house opened at 11 a.m. today while i was walking the dog, grrrrrrrr. There's a show tonight, fingers crossed for a good turnout.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Photo shoot opportunity

Went to the tea house and Satoharu Nakamura and Sabine Nirvana were discussing a photo shoot opportunity. Opened tea house and chatted. Sabine san will be taking photos of Little Yoshiwara okiya folks over the next few weeks...

Contests coming

Set up fishing and haiku contests on the Second Hanamachi web site. These take place during the festival weekend of 10th to 12th July. Fishing is a 48 hour contest noon Friday to noon Sunday. Haiku contest opens on 5th July and runs to the 12th at noon. Prizes to be dished out in the Ochaya at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

New laptop up and running

Managed to take part in the Osho show on Saturday. Did a talk on Obon. Nice kimono all round. I ran the dance HUD and all went smooth this time. Yoneyu was director.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Somewhat back in the swing...

Still not yet taken my new laptop out of the box...

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Visitors all weekend so no SL...

French friends for the weekend. Not even unboxed my new laptop. Went up the Spinnaker tower. Back to normality on Monday...

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Grrrrr, can't log on

[June 20, 2009 5:30AM Pacific] We’re aware that some residents get an error message instead of being able to connect to Second Life. This is being looked into and we’ll post any updates to this blog post as they become available.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Yoneyu's tea house opening

Opened at noon and we got Jerome san then Geo san. Talked a bit about the haiku contest, especially kidai. Yoneyu had stream music set up and did some dancing. Conversation turned round to Blackadder quotes, very funny...


Embarrassment! Went to put a set of geta on and caught the 'replace outfit' option rather than the 'add to outfit' button!!! Just ended up with a pair of shoes on. Lezlie was naked for a few seconds. Not a pretty sight due to the white shin. Spoke a bit of Japanese with a visitor to the sim. Always an education.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

HP chan creation

HP chan made a dragon sake set. Very nice. Gave it to me to sell. So took a picture and put it in the vendor. See what you think. A nice texture...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Terrific show

The show was a terrific success, good crowd, good tips for the girls, and loads of audience participation. The 30 minute call sent out 1 second too early!!!! All the performers were there in plenty of time. No lag today, and friends IM channel worked for a change. A director's dream. One member of the audience thought it unfair that the director did not have a tip jar! Got a couple of TPs from the group IM. HP chan played some beautiful instruments. The purple kimono looked really nice. Proposal was made for musician to tell a poem so the show could count as a performance toward promotion...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tea house busy

A good number of folks there last night, including a Japanese shikomi. Spoke a bit of Japanese with her. She is a student living in New Jersey. Did some chasing for the show tonight. Sorasu chan will run the dance HUD and I have her story. Had to pull out of Saturday show as we have guests from France. Chatted about the festival events. I'll run fishing and haiku.

More sales

Yay, a set of geta and a sake tray sold overnight...

Monday, 15 June 2009

Tea house customers

Kazumi opened the tea house at 2 p.m. and drew a crowd.
I played koto. Has been a long time since I last saw my little sister. Nice to get back in touch. Would like some kimonoi for newbies at Feudal Nippon. Would mean finding time to to make a V3 collar... 4 folks have signed up for the show on Wednesday.

Tea house empty...

2 okiya girls turned up for open ochaya but no patrons today at the tea house. So spent some time fiddling with textures, repeats per meter and offset. Tricky on a sphere!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Gwolf Carducci, a great help

Met Gwolf Carducci outside our little shop. I took a few of his free textures on offer and thanked him. Asked if more needed as he has lots. Got round to the gong. He has a nice one and sent a copy. Getting the texture on the sphere is proving irksome! Gwolf san could do some building classes for us. A most helpful guy...

Japanese language lesson

Managed to get to the Japanese language class. Lesson was on adjectives. All seats taken, standing room only.... Learnt new na type adjectives, kikenna 危険な dangerous, goojyasuna ゴージャスな luxurious (gorgeous). famous singer =有名な歌手=yuumeina kashu.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

The gong so far

Spent a few minutes on the gong. Need to work out how to do the strings that are holding the gong to the frame. Will need a nice wood texture and a gold one for the gong itself.

Osho show was a good one

Sold a pair of geta just before the show started. Nice feeling seeing the blue message box pop up with cash in there... Show went really well. Sorasu chan did the dance hud. Smooth directing job by Amalthea chan. Reasonable tips at the show though most came from LY okiya girls.

A visit from yUki san

Some shots of yUki san during her visit. She is looking for a shop of her own but they are all taken in Little Yoshiwara. Offered her a place in the vendor... Spoke a little Japanese with yUki san who is now living in Canada so is bilingual.

Tinted hair

Did some hair tinting. Made a red and green version of the Gee Shimada hair. Tonight is show in pale green kimono so I'll wear the green tinted hair. Had a visitor to the store. HP chan took pictures of her tables for the vendor. Yoneyu gave a lesson in the ochaya so I dropped in to listen. Did a bit more on the gong but not much. Been out and got a new laptop this morning, means I have 4 to choose from so can run a few avatars at once!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Tea sets in the vendor

Took pictures of the tea set. HP chan mad them but wants me to sell them. They are in the vendor. File names and notes are case sensitive, hehe.

Started on the gong

Started on the gong. I think the rope will be a bit tricky... And will need a gong sound.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Vendor first page full

Yay, have filled up the first page of the vendor. Sold one of HP chan's tea sets. Someone came looking for a tea set so I showed her HP's. But she wanted black and red NOT white and green. So I did a quick colour change and bingo the customer was happy and bought it. 90 $ for HP chan. Naoki san came to the tea house opening. Someone was after DRLife skins, gave a TP to the TAO one here. Have sold a couple of sake sets...

Vendor up and running, great show...

Yay, the vendor is working. Have put red and green geta in and a couple of decorative sake sets. Also put a freebie pose stand in this morning. Okaasan was there at bed time as HP chan moved the floaty sign around. Show was well run by Jael chan. Me and 2 little sisters performing stories, Trish was musician... Stories all went very well, reasonable size crowd and good tips.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tea house buzzing

A good crowd in today. Plenty of good talk. Finished off with a Korean tale I'd prepared for the show last Saturday but did not deliver due to the change of plans. Great tip from a generous patron. Getting close to the 10,000$ tip barrier at the ochaya... Will have to bash out a haiku when the barrier is reached. Had a grilling from biancababe who wants to be a geisha. Put my fire kimono on ready for the show tonight. Now got 4 followers of my blog!!! Was just Yoneyu for such a long time, welcome to all the new folks following...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stories ready, some pics taken

Had a bash at sorting out a fire story for the Wednesday show. HP chan had been working hard on a couple of water stories. I stitched them together and at 90 lines is a perfect show. Mine is a bit long, grrrrrrrrr, but don't want to take anything out of the Golden colt and Fire dragon story... The audience will have to read fast! Had a look at the vendor and Knocked out a config file. Will have to decide what to sell. My kimono are not up to the job at the moment. Collars are poor. So that leaves geta and decorative sake sets. Will need to take some photos. Can only give it a bash and see what happens. Also did a tidy job on some Korean stories that I'd started for the show last Saturday. They were ditched because I was on my own so did a 40 minute Cinese story instead.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Haiku at the festival

Chatted with okaasan who had been talking with Geo san. The idea is to run a haiku competition at the upcoming festival.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

HP gave me a vendor

Have the vendor, 12 prims. Need to work out what to put in it... Geo san came to the tea house. Nice to see him after so long. Geo san has started to send through a few haiku. Saves me some work hunting haiku down. Doumo Geo san! Will be doing the Wednesday show at 2 p.m. Theme is fire and water so I'll do the Golden colt and Fire dragon story...

The gong

The SL gong. I'll try and make one when I have a few spare moments. This one looks nice...

HP chan's shop

HP has taken a little shop near the fishing dock. I hope it works...

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Special D-Day celebrations

A notecard today from Geo san with a lovely haiku.
Returned from journey,
All is green splashed with color -
But you are not here.

Started the day early by opening the tea house with this haiku, no customers came.HP chan and Alena chan came to assist, so we had a play with some musical instruments. Alena chan now has a koto, sanshin, morrin kurr, harmonica, shakuhachi and shamisen. I got out my harp. I tried a gong I'd just got. Think I'll make my own one day. Alena chan pointed me at a free gong sound place. HO has opened her shop. There's a vendor machine that I could put some of my things in. We'll see how it goes. This afternoon was a special party day at Southsea seafront to mark the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings on June 6th 1944. Highlight was 1,000,000 British Legion poppies dropped from a Hercules plane. That's what the photos are. 1. far away, 2. right on top of me, 3. Their final resting place...

Loads of tea house support

Had lots of helpers for the tea house opening and 3 customers. Was monster lag in the UK so tried a reboot. Not much better. Sold a sake set, that's 3 now. Photo is all the helpers and 1 customer at goi ghome time... Whizzed round a few lucky chairs before bed time...

Knocked out some green strap geta

I made these to suit the green outfit, including a new skin with green eye shadow. I changed the Gee Shimada hair piece ornament to be green (was red) as kanashi should now be green.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Tea house customers again

Opened the tea house and got a couple of patrons and 3 helpers. Did the English bird stories and danced with particles fans... Another enquiry about being a geisha.

New skin and hair

New skin from a Midnight Mania board, only 10 on offer so dead jammy I got it. Hair is a gift from a new start up.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Wednesday show a hit

Nice crowd for the Wednesday show. I told the Huma bird story in grey green kimono by Rumi.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

More at the tea house

Quite a crowd this evening at the tea house including a couple of minarai from other okiya. Seems we are popular these days with other okiya visitors. Another inquiry for giesha training...

Monday, 1 June 2009

Active tea house

Dante chan has the dance hud and did a bit of practicing...Quite a crowd tonight. Ella san was very complementary about some of our girls. Okaasan arrived just as I was ready for bed. I put a gold rim on the light blue floral sake set.

Late for sensei meeting

I turned up 24 hours late for the sensei meeting. Very embarrassing. Turns out there was not a meeting on Saturday anyway. Did some more fiddling with the sake set. Gold rims on bowls and jar with white insides. Left a copy in the Ochaya, see if it gets noticed. Started building a koi windsock. Tail was proving tricky. Some much lag on Sunday evening it was impossible to do any building. HP chan was looking for a suitable texture. Went to bed in a huff. HP chan has built some lovely items and is thinking of trying a little shop. I hope she has some success. I've made half a dozen or so different sake sets using various textures. The Komayo poster looks quite good, as does a blue floral design. Will bash out a few more styles when I have time.