Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Third box and clue #4 (earrings)

Along with the jewelry, the box (which polishes up quite nicely, thank you) includes a page torn from a book. In a neat, old fashioned hand, the following is written:

May 20

I am not alone! I saw one of them by the pebbly seashore, just beneath the seafoam. He was wild, with hair that looked like seaweed -- not at all like his forest brethren, back at the estate, in their oak trees and neat fairy rings. I must be honest, dear journal: I had begun to fear that John and his doctors were right about me. But I know what I have seen, and perhaps I can befriend him. I need to be careful not to let the nurses see this page, however.

This is known to few: there are two observatories. Look at the feet of the first.

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