Friday, 29 May 2009

Midnight Mania reached 100

Yay, the skin arrived. [1:04] Midnight Mania Arachne Red owned by Heaven Sella gave you 'Arachne Red01' ( ). BUT IT IS NOT IN MY INVENTORY!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Others have received the skin, not my lucky day. Went to check and the bosrd denied all knowledge of me. [3:03] Midnight Mania Prize Station: Welcome Lezlie Latte, please wait a moment while I check the winner records.
[3:03] Midnight Mania Arachne Red: Sorry, your name was not found in the prize run on 2009-05-29.
[3:03] Midnight Mania Arachne Red whispers: Lezlie Latte is now registered for today's Midnight Mania. If our target of 100 people is met by midnight, the prize will be delivered to all participants! WTF is going on!!!! Sent Heaven Sella a notecard with the problem explained... We'll see what happens.

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