Thursday, 21 May 2009

Market stage show

Jael chan directed again (will be promoted soon I'm sure...) at Little Yoshiwara market stage. I told the tale called
“Danzayémon, Chief of the Etas”. PH chan was on music. Zsun san was operating dance hud but it could not see me! So I ran my own. Big crowd, hardly any tips. Times must be tough! Opened tea house late, no takers. Saw okaasan this morning. Asked me to take the koto from the stage, it's been there a few months! Had storms in her area so been off for a couple of days. Unpacked a JD koto, very nice but position of avatar way too high. I had a play. Sound and music is good. Double the price of the Rumi koto. Okaasan could not take it! Had to use return to get it off the stage.

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