Thursday, 7 May 2009

Busy day

Day kicked off with a request out of the blue from Tarski san. Wanted to know my training/skills. 7 months to become a geisha or me. Surprised when I said Haiku was my speciality. Requested a trip off-site that I went along with. Gave some sample haiku. Then requested a tea ceremony. Did the full version. Then danced while Tarski san played shakuhachi. (See picture). Tarski san gave me a gift he'd made, a 58 prim jade tiger. And a good tip. Paid the tip to the Okiya tip board. Tarski san wanted to talk about being a danna. I suggested he talk to okaasan. Quite a responsibility! Opened the tea house at 2 a.m. no one. Okaasan opened at 4 a.m. and played the shamisen while telling information about early geisha. 2 patrons including mojito san. Mojito san had found out that notecard maximum size is 64k. Urgent request from Jael chan for performers for the 2 p.m. show. Open theme, light kimono. Another request to run a fishing contest at the weekend for an event a couple of girls are running. Can do. Suggested 250$L as a prize. Show in the evening went swimmingly, though it started at 2:30. I did the German story about a mouse, bird, and sausage! Moral is don't mess with things that are in harmony. HP chan did the music. Some sample pictures on the Second Hanamachi site e.g.
And has some stories to look at tomorrow. HP chan was looking for kimono part names. Got them from wikipedia for her.
Parts of a woman's kimono are:

Doura upper lining

Eri 衿 collar

Fuki hem guard

Furi sleeve below the armhole

Maemigoro 前身頃 front main panel

Miyatsukuchi opening under the sleeve

Okumi 衽 front inside panel

Sode 袖 sleeve

Sodeguchi 袖口 sleeve opening

Sodetsuke 袖付 kimono armhole

Susomawashi 裾回し lower lining

Tamoto 袂 sleeve pouch

Tomoeri 共衿 over collar

Uraeri 裏襟 inner collar

Ushiromigoro back main section

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