Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Second box and clue #3 (Bracelets)

Along with the jewelry, the box (which polishes up quite nicely, thank you) includes a page torn from a book. In a neat, old fashioned hand, the following is written:

May 1

Oh, how my days are constrained! I am observed at most hours, and ordered to rest and be quiet. The doctor has said that I will only recover if I remain calm. When I am allowed on my own, the nurses encourage me to spend time in the rose garden, but I am finding that walks along the cliffs are more refreshing. The ocean is vast and free, and the breeze rushes around me, and I can forget how tiny my world has become.

I must stop writing now; Helen is coming with my supper.

The object of your search lies near undying flowers.

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