Monday, 1 June 2009

Late for sensei meeting

I turned up 24 hours late for the sensei meeting. Very embarrassing. Turns out there was not a meeting on Saturday anyway. Did some more fiddling with the sake set. Gold rims on bowls and jar with white insides. Left a copy in the Ochaya, see if it gets noticed. Started building a koi windsock. Tail was proving tricky. Some much lag on Sunday evening it was impossible to do any building. HP chan was looking for a suitable texture. Went to bed in a huff. HP chan has built some lovely items and is thinking of trying a little shop. I hope she has some success. I've made half a dozen or so different sake sets using various textures. The Komayo poster looks quite good, as does a blue floral design. Will bash out a few more styles when I have time.

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