Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stories ready, some pics taken

Had a bash at sorting out a fire story for the Wednesday show. HP chan had been working hard on a couple of water stories. I stitched them together and at 90 lines is a perfect show. Mine is a bit long, grrrrrrrrr, but don't want to take anything out of the Golden colt and Fire dragon story... The audience will have to read fast! Had a look at the vendor and Knocked out a config file. Will have to decide what to sell. My kimono are not up to the job at the moment. Collars are poor. So that leaves geta and decorative sake sets. Will need to take some photos. Can only give it a bash and see what happens. Also did a tidy job on some Korean stories that I'd started for the show last Saturday. They were ditched because I was on my own so did a 40 minute Cinese story instead.

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