Sunday, 12 April 2009

Some progress

Worked on the collar for ages! It's a process of gluing together TORUS shapes. Have learned a lot again. Got the first white layer done. Use Blank button if you don't want a texture. Played around with lots of textures trying to find one that would pass for silk, More wasted time! Hair appointment overran so missed the start of the Osho show. My new imotou, Dante chan, was musician. Back to the collar and the colour layer. got one torus done then trouble at mill! Long chat with okaasan. Tried to help as best I could. Signed up for a fire kimono on an MM site. Won a lucky chair indigo kimono. Has sculptie cuffs (next thing to learn!) Chat with Dante chan, who had sent a couple of stories. Decided to get the narrator so TPed her. Also got the slide screen viewer. Mojito san arrived and I left for dinner. Lag gremlins were back so early to bed...

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