Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Phoenix kimono

Picture of one of the latest kimono I've collected. I'll probably do a picture a day of a different kimono... No one came to the tea house. Got my first comment on the blog. Will do a show today, blue kimono with open theme. Will tell the 3 proverbs story. Here is a sneak preview.

A rich man was walking in his garden.

Suddenly he noticed a small bird

that had been captured in a small net.

He took hold of the little bird

and was more than a little surprised

when the little bird began to speak, saying,

"Give me my freedom, dear man!

Of what use is it to you to lock me in a cage?

Looking at me will not please you,

for I do not have beautiful feathers.

I cannot entertain you,

for I do not sing like other birds.

And I cannot provide you with nourishment.

I am much too small for that.

But I will tell you three wise teachings

if you will give my freedom."

The master of the garden looked at the little creature and said,

"If you do not sing then of course you cannot entertain me.

Let me hear your wisdom,

and if it teaches me anything,

I will give you your freedom."

Then the little bird said,


Do not grieve over things that have already happened.


Do not wish for that which is unattainable.


Do not believe in that which cannot be possible."

Then the master of the garden said,

"You have indeed taught me something.

I will give you your freedom."

Letting the little bird fly away,

the man thought seriously about the teachings.

Then the man heard the little bird laughing quietly.

The little bird’s voice came from a tree where he was sitting.

"Why are you laughing so cheerfully?" shouted the man.

"About my easily won freedom,"

answered the little bird,

"and more than that,

about the foolishness of humans

who believe they are smarter than all other creatures.

If you had been smarter,

only just as smart as I am,

then you would now be a much richer man."

"How would that have been possible?"

asked the master of the garden.

The little bird replied,

"If, instead of giving me my freedom,

you had kept me,

for in my body I have a diamond the size of a hen's egg."

The man stood there as though he were petrified.

After recovering from the surprise,

he began to speak,

"You think that you are happy because I gave you your freedom.

But summer will soon be over and winter with its storms will arrive.

The brooks will freeze over,

and you will not be able to find

a single drop of water to quench your thirst.

The fields will be covered with snow,

and you will not find anything to eat.

But I will give you a warm place where you can freely fly around,

and you can have as much water and bread as you want.

Come down,

and I will show you that you are better off with me than with your freedom."

Thus spoke the master of the garden,

but the little bird laughed louder than before,

making the man even angrier.

"You are still laughing?" asked the man.

"Of course," replied the little bird.


you gave me my freedom on account of the teachings that I gave you,

and now you are so foolish that you do not take the teachings to heart.

I earned my freedom fairly,

but you forgot my teachings after only a few minutes.

You should not grieve over things that have already happened,

but still you are grieving that you gave me my freedom.

You should not wish for things that you cannot obtain,

and yet you want me,

for whom freedom is my whole life,

to voluntarily enter a prison.

You should not believe that which is impossible,

and yet you believe

that I am carrying about inside my body

a diamond as large as a hen's egg,

although I myself am only half the size of a hen's egg."

And with that the little bird flew away.

And that ends my tale today…

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