Thursday, 16 April 2009

Okobo are go, then in the bin!

Fiddled around with objects to make okobo. Think I used far too many prims but they came out something like the real thing. Did not quite get the rounded edges correct. Investigating I find out okobo are for maiko so in the bin they go! Geisha wear geta or tabi so today will be a crank some geta out for myself day. I hope they'll be easier than the okobo... No one signed up for the show last night, Hiroko san came online with less than an hour to show time. Some frantic IMs and we have a show, Hiroko san, Katsu chan, me, and Iza kun on the koto. I did the peony info I'd put together as a backstop for the flower show I directed but had enough performers. Got over $1000 in tips, which is rare for our home stage. Showed Utayo chan a couple of chess boards and had first game for ages. Was a very strange game...

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