Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Busy day!! No progress per se.

What a busy day! Chat with Okasan, asked to be onesan to a new girl, HP. Saw Hiroko san who had horrific news! No one directing at 2 p.m. so I stepped up to the plate. Hiroko san set out the stage. I sent notice for performers. Purple kimono with a theme of flower stories. Got 4 performers and a musician. Yay... Downloaded a purple peony picture for the slide screen. Chatted with HP. Such a nice person, and in the UK. We can help each other. HP has made kimono! Saw Mojito san and gave feedback re slide screen. Shows wood background for transparent picture parts. Did a fix and will update. Opened tea house. Mojito san showed progress on orb updater for the narrator. I got a few errors. needs some permissions checks. Will be great when it's complete. Now friends with Mojito san (after all this time!) Gave her a lucky chair kimono. She has really nice kimono from Hosoi. Show time. Crashed 15 mins before!!! Screen went black and white and locked up. No Jael chan so kamini chan as back up stepped in. Could not start private IM channels or with groups, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Others tried, some with success. Kicked off show. Turns out Jael chan crashed while buying fans and had to reboot. Show went swimmingly. Perfect 60 minutes timing... 400$L ish tips for the performers so not bad at this time. HP in audience. HP Gave me a folder with some clothes and an object for kimono. Not yet worn them. Time for bed...

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