Saturday, 3 October 2009

Show drew a tear...

The show on fthers was great. Super story from HP chan. Here is my performance:
Konnichiwa Dear Patrons.
Our show theme today is Fathers,
so here are a few related haiku,
some old, some new, to enjoy.
Oh, gracious father
take my hand, and lead me on
your trail of wisdom.
Ballgames, pro wrestling,
chatting while fishing the river
(Dad gave me his time).
Father’s day
teeth missing
from the pocket comb.
Piano practice
in the room above me
my father shouting.
Two lines in the water . . .
not a word between
father and son.
His vomit wiped up
my bowl of Wheaties
soggy now.
Prayers over
dad’s casket descends
through a maze of severed roots.
Father’s Day
she tells me
I’m not the father.
Putting on my socks -
that little grunt
dad always made.
Almost sunset
the weekend dad
drags a sled up the hill.
Old passport
the tug
of my father’s smile.
Sick in bed -
my son pelts the window
with snowballs.
Spring sun-
high in his arms
the newborn is shown.
First breath
after the caesarean
my son’s birth.
Opening day
in separate bleacher’s
the boy’s parents.
Where is my Father?
Does he watch down over me now?
Do I make him proud?
Cold April morning --
the scent of
dad's old shirt.
Praiseworthy hero
Like a candle in my mind
Blazing intensely
Dad is a hero
Keeps me unscathed from danger
Likeable and neat.
It's easy to see
The relationship between
My father and me.
He fills hearts with joy
Strong and wise and there for me
Always my idol.
His pure white silk shirt
A familiar fragrance
I never forget.
A friendly image
Glasses perched upon his nose
I love him so much.
His velvet black shoes
Touch the ground, softly, gently
Laces tied neatly.
I like to greet him
A smile stretched across my face
I wait by the door.
Loving and happy
The memories with him I'll
Cherish forever.
Some people's heroes
Are celebrities or stars
My hero's my Dad.
Looks like it's not always easy being a father!
Thank you for your kind attention…

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