Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My haiku for the show today

Konnichiwa Dear Patrons
The theme today is autumn
so please allow me to share my passion for poems.
by reciting a few chosen autumn haiku..
Depth of autumn
a few leaves on the tree
Autumn leaves
the girls talk about
from the gnarled trees
fluttering birds
Lone leaf
where has everyone
Bursting in bright hues
Splashing colours all about
autumn leaves must fall.
Chill wind
autumn breathes
its last
Reading outdoors
between pages
a dry leaf
Gust of wind
tired leaf
lets go
Ruined church
leaves fall
among the weeds
Autumn mist
slipping and sliding
towards winter
Weekend afternoon
red leaves skip down the street
behind the kids
Today the horizons
retreat into vague grey
bare branches
Thanksgiving grace--
peeking to spy a young niece
peeking back
Brittle leaf
rain soaked
in pieces
Fallen leaves
fill the hammock--
autumn repose
Night on the old pond
a frog sits
on the moon
Oh scarlet autumn!
that profound punctuation
to shamrock summer
Crows pluck crimson leaves
from birdbath to splash amid
blue sky reflections
Kaleidoscopic leaves
swirl and camouflage winter's
relentless approach
Indian Summer
burnishes bright leaf colours
into pastel hues
Fun fills the night air ...
homecoming, football, bands, but ...
no date for the dance
Jack-o-lantern glow
and stench cloak trick-or-treaters
on Halloween night
Umber oak leaves cling
stubbornly to their boughs
rasping until spring
Tears for NYC
and our Pentagon doth fill
an ocean of angst
Autumn: my yearly
clash with conflicting feelings
of joy and despair
Yellow autumn moon ...
unimpressed the scarecrow stands
simply looking bored
At our last parting
bending between boat and shore ...
that weeping willow
September sunshine ...
the hovering dragonfly's
shimmering shadow
See ... the heavy leaf
on the silent windless day ...
falls of its own will
So enviable ...
maple-leaves most glorious
contemplating death
Shocking ... the red of
lacquered fingernails against
white chrysanthemum
Do your worst, old frost
you can no longer wound me ...
last chrysanthemum!
Dry cheerful cricket
chirping, keeps the autumn gay ...
contemptuous of frost
Dancing in my silks
money tossed itself away ...
pretty, this paper dress!
Now in late autumn
look, on my old rubbish-heap ...
blue morning glory
Lonely umbrella
passing the House at twilight...
first snow falling soft
Thank you for your kind attention…

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