Friday, 25 March 2011


konbanwa honored patrons of Little yoshiwara.

as part of my effort to make more people aware of the wonderful facilities we have here at Little yoshiwara uji dojo , i will holding a recruitment fair this Friday at 9 am SLT to 10 am SLT here at the Uji ground. i will be here on that day to answer any questions or concerns you have about samurai studies here at yoshiwara uji. thank you for your attention.

konbanwa dear all
in order to better preserve the great values and tradtion of yoshiwara Uji dojo, i am putting in place a new required reading lists which i strongly believe that they are the essential for anyone to learn the art of war in general and samurai values. this list will be in the attached notecard. please read carefully. any questions you may have, let me know. thank you
Yoshiwara uji deputy admin

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