Friday, 18 March 2011

New LY Performer's Guide

LY Performer's Guide

Performing can be a wonderful experience. You get to have some fun and you get to represent your okiya. There are some simple rules that need to be followed to ensure order and that the show is of a high quality.

The director is in charge of the show. Even if, for example, a Jr. Maiko is directing and there are Geisha performing, the director has the last word.

The director will inform you what the theme is, and if there are any special requirements.

If you cannot meet the requirements, such as a particular kimono, fans, etc. please contact the director as soon as possible (and not later than 24 hours before). Otherwise, they will assume you will comply with the direction.

You will need to prepare your copy (what you plan to say) at least 24 hours before the show and send it to the director.

They will check it. They will see that it complies with their theme, that it is Japanese or Asian in style, and that it is properly formatted and of appropriate length. Normally your part will last 15 minutes. If this is to be different, the director will have already told you. 40-50 lines are normally what is needed for a 15 minute performance.

If a director needs to, they may ask you to make changes. They do this to ensure their show goes as planned, so there is no need to take it personally if you are asked to make changes or even submit a different tale.

The director must have all this completed 24 hours beforehand. If you do not send your copy in time, they may remind you. If you need help, the director will be pleased to assist.

This is important, because if you do not give the director your copy in time, they may have to replace you.

You must be at the show site, prepared to perform, at least 15 minutes before the show is due to begin, and in contact with the director. If you are late, the director may replace you and, to be fair to the replacement who will probably already be on stage, this is normally something that cannot be reversed.

Sometimes, RL or technical issues will block the best of intentions. Do not be despondent if this happens to you. The director fully understands this can and does happen to us all at times. But if you are replaced, since the show must go on, please accept it graciously.

The director will use a channel other than local chat to direct. Watch carefully for any requests they may make.

Finally, enjoy yourself! You have already done all the hard work - you have prepared your copy, you have dressed appropriately and in accordance with your rank, and now you are performing as a geisha, representing the finest okiya in SL!

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