Tuesday, 11 January 2011


konbanwa dear patrons.
this is regarding the haiku contest in ochaya notice i sent out yesterday. in this notice, i just want to set some standard rules for the contest.

1 one entry to the contest for each person.
2the theme is nature, animal, trees, but related ideas will work too.
3 no late entry will be accepted, all contest entries will be due at midnight on 1/28/11.

4can't use outside sources, it has to be written by you alone.

thank you . Senior maiko Hatsu

konbanwa dear patrons
the Haiku contest in the ochaya for January has started ! please feel free to send me your haiku as you finished them, but please remember each person can only enter a maximum of 3 entires of haiku into the contest. I will host a special ochaya opening one week after 1/28/11, during which we will read out loud the top three best haiku entires. have fun writing!
also, please keep all the words appropriate for general public, no curse words please, no swearing, .

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