Sunday, 6 February 2011

Haiku contest

Konbanwa dear patrons.
first of all i want to thank all who has sent me their haiku entries for the Januaray Haiku contest. after much discussion and debates, we have decided on the contest winners as follows.

First place : Yoshiko Lotus & wender Lorefield

Second place: Saphire Jinn ,
StrictDaddy Dreadlow

Third place: Dott Dash , Lezlie Latte

Fourth Place: Zarah Svoboda, Afrodite sands, Blue Myanamotu

and finally our honorable mention : Ray22Ten Rotaru . thank you all Geisha Michi

Konbanwa !
this is in related to the Haiku contest winners last notice. please be patient with me, i will send out all the prizes sometimes next week. Friday the latest. please be patient with me. also i just want to let everyone know the purpose of this event is not about competition, but to put your imagination to work. thank you all again.

Geisha Michi

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