Saturday, 6 February 2010

Setsubun show details

For further information, contact Xuemei Yiyuan.

Friday 5th Feb.
5:30-6.30pm: Opening Ceremony by Shinto group.
7.30-8.30pm: Geisha Performance (at Yoshiwara Pavillion).

Saturday 6th Feb.
12-12.30pm: Jingu Bonfire - Ritual Purification.
The Shinto group will be doing field and shrine blessings throughout the day, and blessings for businesses and homes on LY.
1-3pm: Great Setsubun Horse Race. CASH PRIZES.
3-5pm: Geishas at the Ochaya.
7-9pm: Samurai Tournament. CASH PRIZES.

Sunday 7th Feb.
12-2pm: Fishing Contest. CASH PRIZES.
3-4pm Suzuharu Setsubun Seminar.
4-5pm Geisha Setsubun Performance (at Yoshiwara).
5:30-7pm: closing ceremony (Great Purification)

I'll be running the Fishing Contest...

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